Peek above yourself... Hornet is flying everywhere!
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We help people, companies and institutions to spread wings and use the unique features of multirotors in:
   - aerial photography and filming,
   - monitoring hard-to-reach areas,
   - documenting the progress of construction work,
   - scientific research and experimental development,
   - many other applications...

We advise on equipment selection and offer complete cost effective solutions. We also train operators, provide technical support and expand functionality of your flying equipment.

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small but mighty
best model to learn to fly
- frame size: 340mm
- propellers: 8"
- payload: 350g
- time of flight: 15 min

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The easiest way to the real
aerial photography and filming
- frame size: 500mm
- propellers: 11"
- payload: 600g
- time of flight: 12 min

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do fotografowania i wideofilmowania
ud╝wig do 1kg

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do fotografowania i wideofilmowania
ud╝wig do 3kg

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The latest model of Panasonic mirrorless Lumix - DMC-GH3 and the largest multirotor Hornet-T6XXL ...
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Footage from joint exercises of the active operators of Military Unit GROM and the polish fans of Warfighter game ...
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